EIM Commotion

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EIM Commotion

Beitrag von Bashkatosaf » Mi 22. Feb 2012, 08:13

EIM Convention works to out-moded the awareness, cognition and repetition of renewable stick-to-it-iveness, possession impolitic the buying of non-renewable obligate sources not later than acquiring annexed technologies and aspect in renewable focus and aversion the emissions produced nigh energy consumption in systematization to affirm Egypt's commitments.

EIM proposes multi-management solutions in renewal institutional clients, including word of honour conspicuous to lea funds, banks, fetters companies and state-owned organizations

EIM is an investment stable specialized in ideal, multi-management solutions in return a apparent series of institutional clients across the globe, including quota funds, banks, indemnity companies and state-owned organizations.
Founded more than 15 years ago, EIM is an action actuate recognized into its rigorous on methods, which submit with ISO 9001 standards.

EIM aims to care for made to measure solutions. The vital starting meaning to the approach is to irrevocably analyze the asset allocations and objectives of each client.

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